Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Russian Spies

On 11-16-11, I drempt that I was at an airport/mall. I was with 2 Russian spies who were chatting with me and made me swear an oath of secrecy, or they would catch up with me and kill me. They said it politely without actually saying it, but I got what they were saying. One of the spies looked French and had a thin black mustache.

As we walked through the airport they were telling me they know everything about the US and their secrets. They told me I could learn more from them, than from our very own CIA. Then one of the spies had a stack of news papers. He was showing me the news before it happened, though not any specific events. My thoughts were, yes, much of the media is controlled and some big media events are planned. I know this already. The news papers were from Russia. They were Russian newspapers, but were typed in English showing me what was to come and the progression of the Chinese becoming more and more, our enemy and on the side of Russia. The newspapers were in order, from the most recent future news on top to the far future news in the back of the stack. Then I looked at a newspaper from near the back of the pile and in the upper front page showed a map of Russia and China joined in world war 3 against the US.

Then the Russian spies and I proceeded to exit the airport, but one of the spies broke off to go elsewhere. Once outside the baggage claims and walking through the airport outer terminal, I went back inside thinking I had forgotten something. As I walked back through the airport, there was the other Russian spy at a restaurant table with other comrades. They were looking over an American engineer's blue print layout of our country's entire electrical grid. I could see the lines of the blue print, like it was telling how everything was connected. The American engineer at the table with them was totally oblivious to the Russian spy's identity. The engineer thought he was just giving them a lesson in engineering. I remember the Russian spies had spoke perfect English without any accent, but in private with me, I could hear their accent be known. I stopped at the table to see what was going on only for a minute, then proceeded to where I was going.

Then the dream switched and I began to proceed back through the airport. Seeing a couple of the spies ahead of me from that engineer's table, on the stairs of an escalator, I was picking up several counterfeit dollars, there on the steps of the escalator, that the Russian spies had dropped. The Russian spies ahead of me saw me picking up their counterfeit dollars and got pretty emotional. One of the spies was an attractive blonde haired woman and she and another came to me to get the counterfeit bills, a couple of which looked very fake, but the later ones I picked up looked very real. All I could think of at the time was money trail. They didn't want to leave a money trail.

Proceeding through the outer airport terminal, the terminal was starting to close down. As I was walking through the outer terminal I heard a bum singing some blues along the lines that he didn't care what time it was and didn't care that the terminal was shutting down. Then I began to see lights at the terminal turning off one by one and I proceeded to catch a train out of the area and heading towards Philadelphia with an uneasy feeling of lostness, like I didn't really know where I was going.


Alot of this dream is obvious. The Russians know the US as well as our engineers. They have our entire electrical grid blue print and know in detail, every bit of it. By their newspapers they were showing me, they already have World War 3 fully planned and China has been advancing into the hands of the Russian plans, like their newspapers were foretelling.

My finding counterfeit dollars on the escalator going down from the Russian spies ahead of me, speaks of the advancing economic process of Russia replacing USD hegemony, when the post ww3 economy comes. In the dream, the dollars I had picked up were in an evolutionary process, from first picking up the very fake looking dollars to then picking up the very real looking dollars, leading to the russian spies. The process of replacing the US hegemony is almost complete. Because the US is 18 trillion dollars in debt and continues to print up QE funny money, it is making the fake to real looking money of the Russians a reality.

The terminal starting to close down is the US. The lights going off in succession at the airport is the light to this nation beginning to shut off. The bum singing the blues of not caring is the typical American with their head in the sand over what is to come. They are lazy and uncaring as a bum when it comes to what God is revealing. They are not investigating the word of the prophets and watchmen. My taking a train back to my home town of Philadelphia is representative of the past. Americans are basing their mind set on the security of the past and the uneasy feeling of lostness and not knowing where I was going is the true state of America. She is lost and does not know where she is going.

This is the sad spiritual state of America. Because she has become callous of the things above, her light is beginning to be shut off. Soon, we are going to see huge events unfold that are going to begin to shut portions of the US down. One by one, her lights are going to shut off in succession, like the airport in this dream. She will only then, know her true state and cry out for mercy, but the past will be lost. She will not be returning to her once great past and her lost state will only then be obvious, when she begins to shut down to prepare the way for the world war three Russian plans of conquest.

God is going to allow all of this to take place to prepare the way for the coming of Messiah, Jesus Christ. It is impossible for the book of Revelation to come to pass, unless the policeman of the world, the US, is taken down. Americans and American Christians do not want to see this. They are in a state of denial and continue on with little to no prayer and plans of how they are going to cope with what's to come. Their preachers continue to point the church in the wrong prophecy direction, solely focused on Israel when their own house is going to burn. God help us to wake up!

In Christ, Weather